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The AE Grad Student Handbook provides detailed information about the graduate program in Aerospace Engineering. This information is supplementary to what is provided in the Georgia Tech General Catalog. Please check the Handbook first when you have questions about your program of study in AE.

Preregistration Information

Preregistration Advising Appointment
Check back here for information on preregistration and advising. You should meet with your advisor to discuss your program of study for the next two semesters. Contact your Advisor directly for an appointment.
Course Schedule
All courses for each semester will be listed in the online OSCAR. Please note that the online OSCAR is the definitive source for all course information.
Thesis Deadlines
The Office of Graduate Studies and Research sets these deadlines. Please visit their website at for more information.

hpep lab

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Prof. Mitchell Walker in the High-Power Electric Propulsion Lab