AE Presents: Aude Marzuoli

Tue Feb 18 2020 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Guggenheim 244
The Door-to-Door Passenger Journey

The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering

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"The Door-to-Door Passenger Journey"



Dr. Aude Marzuoli

Lead Scientist at Replica​


Tuesday, February 18
11am - 12pm
Guggenheim 244

About the Talk: 
At the core of transportation is the movement of passengers through various modes from their origin to their destinations. However, much of transportation performance metrics are focused on vehicles. SESAR in Europe and NextGen in the US are now setting performance targets regarding the door-to-door experience, for which there are no agreed upon measures or baseline. Currently, information about passengers is fragmented and rarely shared between various stakeholders. The recent flood of passive sensors is now allowing for the systematic observation of passenger movements throughout their journey. We leverage original data sources, from mobile phones, Uber and social media, along with traditional on-time flight performance metrics and customs and border records, to provide new ways to measure and predict passenger flow movements. In this talk, we explore how performance varies across airports, depending on where passengers live, under nominal and degraded conditions, and compare the time spent by passengers across various transportation modes.​

About the Speaker
Dr. Aude Marzuoli is currently the Lead Scientist at Replica, a start-up providing mobility ground truth from synthetic populations to transportation agencies. She was previously a Senior Manager and Principal Scientist at Verizon and a Senior Research Scientist at Pindrop. She holds a Master and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech, along with a Master in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Supelec. She previously attended the Lycee Henri IV in Paris. Her theoretical expertise covers machine learning, optimization and network science, her favorite applications span transportation and telecommunications problems. Her work was in the news on NPR and Ars Technica and she was an invited speaker at Google, Amazon, Black Hat, the FTC and the FCC.



Guggenheim 244