An Evening of Wonder

Wed Jun 06 2018 05:30 PM to 08:00 PM
Robert Ferst Center for the Arts
Life and Art on Earth and Beyond

ABGradCo 2018 at Georgia Tech 


"An Evening of Wonder
Life and Art on Earth and Beyond"

Robert Ferst Center for the Arts

Free entrance, drinks, and snacks
Food Truck 5-7pm 
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Life on Earth began when elements of the cosmos combined. Now millions of species can swim, walk, fly, and create. Come explore life in all it's beautiful and diverse expressions!

Detailed Schedule: 
5.00-7.00 pm Food and Exploration. Location: Ferst Center atrium.
Walk through our interactive stations to explore questions such as: How diverse is life on this planet, how could life look somewhere else? How do we search for life? What makes you wonder? Ask our wondering scientists questions about planets, molecules, equipment, exploration, biochemistry, we will be there ready to tell you what we know, and what we don't!

7-7.30 The Golden Record Performance (excerpt). Location: Ferst Center Outdoor Amphitheater
A movement based performance inspired by the contents of The Golden Record. We will imagine through modern dance, aerial arts, live music, and projections how humanity might look through the eyes of the lifeforms that may one day encounter Voyager and The Golden Record, which Carl Sagan arranged to send into space 40 years ago.

7.30 In space, within the stars - a conversation. Location: Ferst Center Outdoor Amphitheater
A NASA astronaut will talk about his life growing up and the opportunities that led him to become an Astronaut, and answer questions from the public.

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AbGradCon 2018 Astrobiology Graduate Conference

June 4 - 8

A great place to network with fellow researchers


Robert Ferst Center for the Arts