AMS - 3D Printers

3D Printers @ The Aero Maker Space

Aero Maker Space Mentor, Alex Bustos using a 3D PrinterAero Maker Space Mentor, Alex Bustos, setting up the Formslab Form 2 3D printer for a project

What They Are:

A 3D ("three-dimensional") printer employs a standard tessellation language to manufacture three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file by means of an additive processes. 3D printers are commonly used in rapid prototyping. 

What They Do:

There are a variety of 3D printers in the Aero Maker Space. Some use a plastic filament that starts out on a spool. As the filament is unspooled, it  is melted to form the final product. Other printers use an ultra violet (UV) laser beam that scans the surface of a resin and selectively hardens the material. It then corresponds to a cross section of the product, building the 3D part from the bottom to the top. The required supports for overhangs and cavities are automatically generated, and later manually removed.