AE Master of Science

A professor and a student having a discussion in the Dynamics and Control Systems Lab (DCSL).

The Master of Science Degree

More than 40 percent of AE undergraduates earn an MSAE within 10 years of graduation. This trend continues to rise, as employers in the aerospace sector increasingly demand greater sophistication and experience from career-minded employees. At the graduate level, AE students work with faculty advisors to design an individually focused program of study that emphasizes a defined problem or area of inquiry.

A multi-disciplinary approach to research allows AE grad students to focus their primary research in one of six discipline areas, knowing that collaboration with other disciplines and schools is encouraged. The six AE research disciplines are: aeroelasticity & structural dynamics; aerodynamics & fluid mechanics; structural mechanics & materials; propulsion & combustion; systems design & optimization; and flight mechanics & control.