The Yang Aero Maker Space

Students and faculty working on various pieces of equipment in the Aero Maker Space lab

What is the Yang Aero Maker Space?

Quite simply, it's a place where students and faculty can use a variety of equipment to build prototypes that advance their research - and their curiosity. In 2018, the AE School's Aero Maker Space was renamed the Yang Aero Maker Space in honor of the previous School Chair, Dr. Vigor Yang, who supported and funded the creation of the lab.

Who We Are

It's not like any other lab. The Yang Aero Maker Space is run by specially trained students, Aero Maker Space Mentors, and staff who supervise the safe and proper use of all equipment and train others in the same. 

Where We Are Located

Weber Building275 Ferst Dr NW, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30332
Located in the street-level foyer of the Weber SST Building, this facility houses prototyping and wood-working equipment. 

Montgomery Knight Building270 Ferst Dr, Basement, Atlanta, GA 30332
The metal-working and composites manufacturing components of the Yang Aero Maker Space are located in the basement of Montgomery Knight. 

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