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Sandy Winnefeld, C Perry Bankston, Steve McLaughlin

Honoring Our Heritage. C. Perry Bankston, center, is seen here with Admiral James "Sandy" Winnefeld (ret.), AE '78, and CoE dean Steve McLaughlin at the 2019 Georgia Tech College of Engineering Alumni Awards Ceremony. A retired project manager for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dr. Bankston earned all three of his degrees from the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering. He was inducted into  the Georgia Tech College of Engineering Hall of Fame.


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Celebrating Our Alumni:

The outstanding contributions of three Daniel Guggenheim School alumni -- C. Perry Bankston, Dierk Reuter, and Kevin C. Massey -- were celebrated at the 2019 Georgia Tech College of Engineering Alumni Awards Ceremony. Co-hosting the event with CoE dean Steven W. McLaughlin was another iconic alumnus, James A. "Sandy" Winnefeld, AE '78, the retired vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Now a distinguished faculty in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Winnefeld is a 2015 inductee to the CoE Hall of Fame.

"The College of Engineering has a long and  proud history of producing outstanding graduates," McLaughlin said. "Those being honored tonight, as well  as those who have been honored at past ceremonies, are a great source of pride. Every day, you serve as living examples of the strong work ethic, problem solving ability, global impact, and leadership skills that are so much a part of Georgia Tech’s culture."

C Perry Bankston

C. Perry Bankston

College of Engineering Hall of Fame:
C. Perry Bankston

Inducted into the College of Engineering Hall of Fame was C. Perry Bankson, BAE '71, MSAE '73, and PhD AE '76, the retired project manager for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Membership in the Hall is reserved for Georgia Tech grads who have reached the apex of their careers, and who have made substantial contributions to engineering and/or management.  This description fits Bankston perfectly.

After a stint in the Naval Reserve, Bankston returned to his alma mater to earn a master's and a doctoral degree in aerospace engineering. During the 38 years he spent at JPL, he supported many of NASA’s greatest space programs, including the Cassini, Mars Pathfinder, and Mars Exploration Rover missions. In his first decade at JPL, he published in the fields of combustion, energy conversion and storage, and space power systems. He also led the formulation phase of the NuSTAR mission and initiated technology development programs in advanced optical systems for NASA and other agencies. Bankston holds six patents in space power systems technologies and has received several awards, including the Aerospace Power Systems Award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (1999), the JPL Magellan Outstanding Senior Management Award (2014) and more. Bankston has also served on the Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering School Advisory Council (AESAC) and the Georgia Tech Alumni Association Board of Trustees.

Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni:
Dierk Reuter

Dierk Reuter
Dierk Reuter

Inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni was Dierk Reuter, MSAE '87, Ph.D AE '88, the co-founder of Lucid Markets and a celebrated pilot. This award recognizes alumni who have provided distinguished contributions to the profession, field, Institute, or society at large. Candidates are highly placed executives and are actively involved in engineering or management, industry, academia, or government.

Reuter came to Georgia Tech on a World Student Fund Scholarship, became president of Graduate Student Government and was awarded the Monie A. Ferst Award for his thesis. He currently serves on the Daniel Guggenheim School Aerospace Engineering School Advisory Council, and remains actively involved in aviation: he and a fellow aviation enthusiast recently bucked a long-held flying record by piloting a Daher TBM 930 turboprop from New York to Paris in just 8 hours 35 minutes.

As a global finance expert, Reuter helped pioneer the use of math and computers to automate foreign exchange trading at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank - resulting in nine patents. After the 2008 financial crisis, Reuter co-founded London-based Lucid Markets, one of the pioneers of electronic market making in the global cash and futures markets.

Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni:
Kevin C. Massey 

Kevin Massey
Kevin C. Massey

Inducted into the Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni was Kevin C. Massey, BAE '92, MSAE '94, PhD AE '97, the senior supervisory engineer at Leidos. This award recognizes high-achieving alumni who are on the 'fast track' to becoming tomorrow's leaders.

Massey leads a Leidos team supporting U.S. Air Force development of hypersonic weapon systems and advanced missiles at Eglin AFB. Prior to Leidos, Massey served as a director at Raytheon in the Space and Intel group and was a program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) where he led a $225M initiative and started a new effort to reinvent military ground vehicles. He also worked at GTRI as a research engineer on many different research programs, and taught thermodynamics for Georgia Tech's School of Mechanical Engineering. Massey also spent three years in Melbourne, Australia where he served both as a department head for Aerospace Engineering and as a full professor at RMIT University. He has authored more than 100 technical publications and has received numerous awards.