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Other Tools @ GT Aerospace

Aero Maker Space Mentor, Alex Bustos shows how to use the foam cutter
Aero Maker Space Mentor, Alex Bustos shows how the foam cutter works.

What They Are:

Foam Cutter: A 3D CNC foam cutter that can be used for a wide variety of cutting applications.

Curing Oven: A large format curing oven manufactures quality composite materials through thermal curing.

What They Do:

Foam Cutter: They can cut virtually practically anything out of expanded polystyrene – EPS foam and extruded polystyrene – XPS foam. This machine is mostly used to cut wings, letters, logos.

Curing Oven: The oven can be used for aging, curing, bonding, annealing, drying, baking, and heat treating.