AE Brown Bag Lunch: Noah Schwab

Fri Sep 23 2022 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Guggenheim 442

AE Brown Bag




Noah Schwab

(Advisor: Prof. Brian German)


Friday, September 23
11am - 12pm
Guggenheim 442

Refreshments provided

Noah Schwab will present

"A High-Level Analysis of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Operational Evolution"

There has been a growth in interest of utilizing new technologies – notably electrified propulsion and automation – as well as new business models to bring aviation services into the daily lives of a greater segment of society. Generally, these services are envisioned to augment existing ground modes of transportation or to enable new operational capabilities for shorter-range aviation missions. These services, which have become known as advanced air mobility (AAM), include passenger transportation, cargo transportation, and aerial work missions, such as aerial photography. Because the AAM field is revolutionary, has grown quickly, and has stakeholders from historically disparate domains, the body of research has many divergent visions. The diversity of visions has resulted in the creation of many new terms and uses of terms across domains that are often inconsistent. A common taxonomy is proposed to improve the communication and synergy amongst future AAM stakeholders. In addition, a framework for AAM scenario analysis is investigated to anticipate and plan operational strategies for critical uncertainties.  


Guggenheim 442