AE Brown Bag Presents: Luke Lawver

Fri Oct 29 2021 02:00 PM
Guggenheim 442 & BlueJeans

The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering

is proud to present the

Brown Bag Lecture Series



Luke Lawver

(Advisor: Prof. Brian Gunter) 


Friday, October 29
2 - 3 pm (EST)
Guggenheim 442
 (refreshments provided)
& BlueJeans:

Luke Lawver will present

“Design, Fabrication, and Integration of the OrCa2 12U CubeSat

OrCa2 is a 12U CubeSat currently in development in the Georgia Tech Space Systems Design Laboratory under Dr. Brian Gunter. OrCa2 is an interesting mission, following in the footsteps of OrCa1 as a reflector to be observed from ground stations on campus. However, unlike OrCa1, OrCa2 will also carry multiple experiments and an ADCS system. These experiments include an imager for star-tracking, radiation experiments currently in development in conjunction with ECE, as well as a custom built battery and power stack currently in development for use in future SSDL missions. OrCa2 plans to launch sometime in 2022, so our team is on a rapid development schedule with a goal to have an integrated engineering unit by the end of this semester.


Guggenheim 442 & BlueJeans