AE Brown Bag Presents: Tristan Huang and Jake Sisavath

Fri Nov 05 2021 02:00 PM
BlueJeans and Guggenheim 442

The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering

is proud to present the

Brown Bag Lecture Series



Tristan Huang

(Advisor: Prof. Stephen Ruffin )



Jake Sisavath



Friday, November 5
2 - 3 pm (EST)
Guggenheim 442
 (refreshments provided)
& BlueJeans: 

Tristan Huang will present

“Validation of a Rapid Technique for Aerodynamic Analysis and Heat Transfer of Hypersonic Vehicles”

The design of a hypersonic-capable vehicle requires reliable predictions of its surface heating as well as its aerodynamic properties. Traditional Computational Fluid Dynamics solvers are often used to estimate convective heat flux over these vehicles along with its aerodynamic coefficients. However, obtaining these high-fidelity estimates is rather slow and computationally expensive. A lower fidelity estimation can be of great value early in the design process, where hundreds or even thousands of simulations are often needed. To provide this capability, a rapid, computationally inexpensive method based on the Modified Newtonian approximation was implemented into an existing CFD code. It provides convective heat flux estimations over blunted body vehicles as well as its aerodynamic coefficients at varying angles of attack. To validate the accuracy of this method, simulations on common geometries and vehicles in hypersonic flow were run and compared against experimental and semi-empirical data. This presentation will discuss the method and the theories is uses, review the steps taken to validate it, and highlight the various applications it can be used for.

Jake Sisavath will present

"MBSE Modeling for NAVAIR's Skyzer"

 Model based systems engineering (MBSE) poses a unique solution to the US Government's acquisition process. It allows for a single source of truth in the model and streamlines the transferring of data between all stakeholders involved in the acquisition process. Skyzer is a hypothetical search and rescue UAV that is being developed in order to simulate NAVAIR's potential acquisition process with an MBSE approach. A key benefit with an MBSE approach to systems acquisition is the amount of analysis that can be done in the systems model for requirements, functionality, architecture, and even cost. This presentation will focus on an MBSE based approach and its benefits to cost modeling the Skyzer system.



BlueJeans and Guggenheim 442