AE Seminar: Sedina Tsikata

Thu Jan 13 2022 03:30 PM
Guggenheim 442 & Microsoft Teams
"High-Performance Optical Diagnostics: Advancing the Understanding of Low-Temperature Plasmas"

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"High-Performance Optical Diagnostics:
Advancing the Understanding of Low-Temperature Plasmas"




Sedina Tsikata

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
ICARE, Orléans, France


Thursday, January 13
3:30 p.m.
Guggenheim 442
Microsoft Teams

About the Talk
Optical diagnostics offer the chance to access rich and varied information in an array of low-temperature plasmas. Though more complex and costly to implement than conventional invasive techniques, diagnostics based on electromagnetic wave scattering can contribute significantly to building a new understanding of plasmas used throughout space propulsion, plasma-assisted deposition, and other areas. 

The applications of laser Thomson scattering (both coherent and incoherent) continue to expand in low-temperature, magnetized plasmas. In recent years, coherent Thomson scattering implementations have provided a means for identifying and characterizing key modes of plasma turbulence. This has provided a new foundation for the revision of theory and the advancement of numerical modeling.  Similarly, progress in the implementation of incoherent Thomson scattering has provided not only information on fundamental electron properties, but has also allowed the mapping of features such as plasma anisotropy and particle drifts.

In this talk, the development of insights through such diagnostics will be discussed, with a focus on recent findings and the new understanding attained by combining experiments, theory, and numerical simulations.


About the Speaker
Sedina Tsikata is a researcher with the CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research, at the ICARE laboratory in Orléans, France. She received undergraduate and graduate degrees from, respectively, MIT and Ecole Polytechnique, and her postdoctoral research in plasma propulsion was funded by the French Space Agency. Dr. Tsikata’s research focuses on the study of phenomena in magnetized plasmas, such as plasma instabilities and self-organization, aided by the implementation of laser diagnostics. Dr. Tsikata has received distinctions from the French Physics Society and from the CNRS.


Guggenheim 442 & Microsoft Teams