SAESAC International Student Speaker Series: Featuring Bhavi Jagatia

Sat Sep 12 2020 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM

The School of Aerospace Engineering Student Advisory Council (SAESAC) invites you to attend the


International Student Speaker Series

talk with

Bhavi Jagatia

Current MSAE student and researcher
 with the Space Systems Design Lab


Saturday, September 12
3 - 4 PM (EDT)
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About the Series
Once a month international students and professionals from all over the world will share their journey and advice with current international students. This is your chance to gain support and insight in your journey at Georgia Tech. 

About the Speaker
Bhavi Jagatia is an M.S. student in the Space Systems Design Lab (SSDL) with a focus in astrodynamics. She recently interned at Planet in the Orbits R&D department, working on orbit determination of their satellite constellations. Previously, she did her B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering at Cornell. Her prior research and internship experience include structural design and analysis of aerospace systems and the design of control systems.