For Students, By Students: ODE45 Tutorial

Tue Sep 29 2020 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
The first lecture of the For Students, By Students series

The School of Aerospace Engineering Student Advisory Council invites you to


"For Student, By Students"

ODE45 Tutorial 


Mohamed Nassif 


Tuesday, September 29
11 am - 12 pm

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About the Speaker
Mohamed Nassif is a board member of SAESAC and third year graduate student in the SSDL conducting research on using small satellites for gravity science of icy moons and has TA'd for AE4532 for three semesters. 

About the Topic
The first lecture in this series will be a tutorial on ODE45. ODE45 is a useful MATLAB function to solve differential equations, and can be used for dynamical systems such as simple pendulum, mass-spring-damper, orbital mechanics etc. This tutorial will introduce what ode45 is, how to implement it in MATLAB along with a couple of examples and answer any questions regarding it.

About the Series
"For Students, By Students" is a new initiative of SAESAC for the student community to engage in gaining new knowledge and to familiarize with frequently used tools. The FSBS lecture series will focus on sharing minor technical skills/knowledge across to students from undergraduate to graduate level that can be utilized in coursework and/or research. Each lecture in this series will be developed and delivered by a graduate student with considerable experience in that area, tailored to AE applications. These lectures will have a new topic every month, based on the suggestions by students.