Distance Learning Classes

The following list of graduate courses will be available to Distance Learning students in the Fall 2022. Keep scrolling to see the following semester's offerings. Please find the list of all distance learning courses offered in Fall 2022 associated with online masters degree programs at Georgia Tech here.
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Fall 2022 DL Classes

Course Title
AE 6009 Viscous Fluid Flow
AE 6114 Fundamental Solid Mechanic
AE 6230 Structural Dynamics
AE 6333 Rotorcraft Design I
AE 6343 Aircraft Design I
AE 6353 Orbital Mechanics
AE 6372 Aerospace Systems Engr
AE 6373 Adv Design Methods I
AE 6393 Intro to Systems of Sys Eng
AE 6503 Helicopter Stability and Control
AE 6530 Multivar Linear Sys&Ctrl
AE 6551 Cognitive Engineering
AE 6760 Acoustics I
AE 6765 Kinetics & Thermo Gases
AE 8803 Adv. Aero for Vertical Lift
AE 8803 Opt-Based Learning Cont & Game


Spring 2023 DL Classes

Course Title
AE 6012 Turbulent Flows
AE 6015 Advanced Aerodynamics
AE 6042 Computational Fluid Dynamics
AE 6115 Fundamentals of Aero Structural Analysis
AE 6210 Advanced Dynamics I
AE 6220 Rotorcraft Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity
AE 6310 Optimization for the Design of Engineered Systems
AE 6344 Aircraft Design II
AE 6361 Air Breathing Propulsion System Design I
AE 6394 System of Systems Engineering Applications
AE 6412 Turbulent Combustion
AE 6505 Random Processes and Kalman Filtering
AE 6520 Advanced Flight Dynamics
AE 6580 Nonlinear Control
AE 6701 Wind Engineering
AE 6766