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A car that morphs to accomodate bad driving conditions. A UAV that anticipates and deflects enemy attacks. For Kyriakos Vamvoudakis, there's no fiction in this science.
The photo taken by the third-year doctoral student reveals the hidden beauty of noble gases
Team of researchers recognized by the American Statistical Association
AE students work with fellow Jackets from ME, ECE, MSE and other GT schools on award-winning hybrid vehicle.
Army Research Office commends Vamvoudakis for research that will help combat cyber warfare
The GT team's balloon climbed to an altitude of 100,000 feet
Weber Building - CoVE
"Roving Mars: Spirit and Opportunity’s Exploration of the Red Planet"
Weber Building - CoVE
“An Unsteady Aerodynamics Reduced-Order Modeling Method for Maneuvering, Flexible Flight Vehicles”