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AE students worked with students from Cornell University and the University of Washington to produce the winning entry
The recently elected NAE Member says hard work and curiosity are his abiding passions.
Sponsored by Delta, the 2019 Hackathon gave students a chance to show off their skills and win great prizes
The guidance provided by the new Aerospace Engineering Specialty Areas will help students and faculty to ditch the small talk and start building nextgen educational experiences
Georgia Tech's newly created Center for Urban and Regional Air Mobility (CURAM) challenges academia, industry, and government leaders to reach for the sky
The third-year doctoral student received the 2019 Best Paper Award for his GNC research paper
In addition to her space travels, Jamison is a physician and an engineer.
The last Georgia Tech faculty to receive this award was Dr. Anthony Calise, who received it in 1992.
Recently promoted to IEEE Fellow, Tsiotras was also the recipient of the 2018 Award for Technical Excellence in Aerospace Control
Dong Hyuk Shin and Santosh Hemchandra both studied under Regents Professor Timothy Lieuwen
Smith's election comes less than a month after she assumed the directorship of Georgia Tech's Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence
The Dec. 14 CDR paves the way for TARGIT to launch as early as next Thanksgiving
The sky is not the limit for these aerospace engineering students. It's a launching pad.
More Than a Dozen Aerospace Engineering Teams Compete in the Fall 2018 Capstone
Monday's launch marked the seventh time in two weeks that SpaceX's Falcon 9 was scheduled.
After a rigorous annual review, VLRCOE celebrates Heritage Site designation and retiring director, Dr. Dan Schrage
Since graduating from the AE School, Hsu has pursued an active role in academia
Boeing executive and AE graduate Larry Schneider had high praise for his alma mater during a Nov. 8-9 review
Smith will take the reigns from retiring AE professor Daniel Schrage who served for 32 years