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AIAA has elected the three researchers to the 2023 Class of Associate Fellows
The Regents' Professor will serve a two-year term in his new role
The two-time Georgia Tech graduate has been a faculty member since 2006.
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<p>Jason Smith - Fall 2022 Graduate</p>
Growing up in Plano, Texas, watching Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek with his parents, Jason Smith developed an early interest in all things aerospace.
The grant will develop technology for future space exploration
Georgia Tech is serving as mission control for Lunar Flashlight, which will launch this week and orbit the moon this spring.
AE's Kelsey Gulledge shares her account of the Artemis I launch
Space Imaging, Making a Monumental Difference in Exploration
Recognizing research aimed at reducing space pollution.
AE professor to serve as associate chair for undergraduate programs.
Quainoo transferred to the AE School as one of the nation’s top community college students
Menon becomes the fourth AE professor to receive the AIAA award
Georgia Tech students give back to the community
The 2023 USN&WR undergraduate program rankings released
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