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Pioneering research leads to prestigious award
Smith becomes the first Georgia Tech professor to receive the award
<p>Students Matt Kelsey, Luke Lawver, and Tanner Beard participated in the 2022 Collegiate Drone Racing Championship in Grand Forks, North Dakota.</p>
The RotorJackets, a Georgia Tech student drone racing team, recently placed first in the Collegiate Drone Racing Championship in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
Marietta, Georgia native will receive $15,000 award and lifelong astronaut network
Timothy West and Rahul Tauro-Padival plan on using their $10,000 reward money to advance their concept
Captain BuzzBeard and Stratobuzz fly high at the collegiate competition
A graduate reflects on his role in helping to make the original Top Gun movie, which remains relevant today.
The end of the academic year generates many scholarly awards and honors for the AE student body
32 Grand Challenges were presented to attendees and sponsors during the two-day event
37 master's students and six Ph.D. students were recognized during the in-person celebration
The Aerospace Engineering School's Class of 2022 reflects on their past to grasp the future
97 teams from across the world joined the competition held in Wichita, Kansas
The nine-person team conceptualized a mission to the Martian moon - Phobos
The beloved professor and colleague passed away on April 12, 2022.
American Astronautical Society (AAS) is a premiere professional society dedicated to advancing all space activities.
The beloved professor and rotorcraft expert passed away on April 6, 2022
AE professor to serve as associate dean of academics.
Teams will spend the next several years developing technologies and skills needed for the future of aviation
U.S. News & World Reports places the AE School No. 4 in the nation – No. 1 among publicly funded institutions
American Society of Mechanical Engineers bestows highest award for contributions to gas turbines