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Designation by the American Helicopter Society International puts Tech in the company of Leonardo Da Vinci, among others
This is the fourth year that the ASDL-organized design-build-fly team has scored the Best Overall designation at SAE
The recipient of Georgia Tech's Helen E. Grenga Award is 'happy to be around such smart people'
Two AE faculty are among the four GT researchers selected for this summer fellowship
The Silver Spring, Maryland native will work with the Aerospace Corporation this summer
Funded by a DURIP grant, and supported by a generous donation from Bell Helicopter Textron, the new simulation lab will launch needed rotorcraft research
Chloe Downs and Yash Chandramouli will both work for different divisions of OneWeb
President Peterson named a candidate for national space group
Hanagud's alma mater honored him with a Jubilee Award
Time to celebrate our favorite profession, past-time, and academic major.
As a final piece of his NSTRF grant, Matthew Miller has co-authored a paper that looks at the challenge of deep space exploration.
The same guy who couldn't stop asking questions as a 22-year-old is still at it
<p>L to R: Timothy Lieuwen, Jianjun (Jan) Shi and Gary S. May are the newest members of the NAE.</p>
Two current College of Engineering faculty members and an adjunct professor (and former dean) have been named to the National Academy of Engineering.
<p>A livestream of the Falcon Heavy launch is projected on a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screen in the Engineering, Science and Mechanics Building on February 6.</p>
The first spacecraft built at Georgia Tech is expected to fly this summer.
Doctoral student Aarohi Shah was recently chosen to receive the 2018 AHS Licheten Award.That wasn't in her original plan.
What started out as a career in vehicle design has morphed into a passion for intelligence analysis.
New report finds that Apollo astronauts often fell behind schedule while on the moon.
Astronaut John Young was one of just 12 people to walk on the moon
Article by AE researchers is featured in the Journal of Applied Physics
<p>Nicholas A. Branch, B.S. AE '17,  has been named to Aviation Week's 20/20 list for 2017</p>
A December 2017 graduate, Branch will return to AE to pursue his doctorate