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The trio's article "Active Control of a UAV Helicopter with a Slung Load for Precision Airborne Cargo Delivery" Cited as Best Paper
Pilots are now able to train on realistic configurations in flight simulators using this real-time method improving flight safety.
Team Icarus recently returned from a Developer's Summit where the algorithims they'll use in the $1 million competition were tested
Ali's talk on magnetohydrodynamic energy generation selected as best student oral presentation
Thruster design research initiated by the Lightsey's Space Systems Design Lab is helping NASA to explore new opportunities
"NASA was like the Silicon Valley back then," says the former Saturn V rocket engineer
Lightsey's many contributions to space research recognized by the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering
$5,000 fellowship will support Leon's award-winning research in rotorcraft technology
"Three-dimensional Flow Dynamics and Mixing in a Gas-centered Liquid-swirl Coaxial Injector at Supercritical Pressure" featured article
Lockheed Martin, Georgia Space Grant Consortium join Tech's efforts to bring STEM to local teens
Aerospace Engineering's Sustain Alive rocket placed first in its category and second overall
The dreams - and careers - of many current and past Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering students were launched with the Prox-1 satellite
The PMASE program blends face-to-face instruction and 24/7 online learning.
<p>Steve and Vickie Brian have always embraced the excitement, and the struggles, of their soccer phenom daughter, Morgan.</p>
Vickie Brian is once again watching her daughter compete on the world stage in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.
The first-year grad student will have to briefly leave her summer internship at NASA Glenn to formally accept the award in August
"Complete Determination of the Velocity Gradient Tensor Upstream of the Flame Front with High-Speed Tomo-PIV/Dual-Plane-PIV/OH-PLIF Measurements"
For decades, Krishan Ahuja tamed jet noise, for which the NAE elected him as a new member this year.
Dr. Cabrera will assume the position before September 15, 2019
Autonomous aircraft startup relies on Tech engineers to reimagine an industry
Google's 'Take on the world' commercial features Georgia Tech