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Only nine teams worldwide chosen to compete for the $1million prize in the Drone Racing League /Lockheed Martin challenge
100 early-career engineers from industry, academia, and government selected to attend the annual symposium
A.J. Piplica, MSAE '12 left his job as a chief excecutive officer at one start-up to launch his dream at another start-up.
A car that morphs to accomodate bad driving conditions. A UAV that anticipates and deflects enemy attacks. For Kyriakos Vamvoudakis, there's no fiction in this science.
The photo taken by the third-year doctoral student reveals the hidden beauty of noble gases
Team of researchers recognized by the American Statistical Association
AE students work with fellow Jackets from ME, ECE, MSE and other GT schools on award-winning hybrid vehicle.
Army Research Office commends Vamvoudakis for research that will help combat cyber warfare
The GT team's balloon climbed to an altitude of 100,000 feet
Longtime AE professor will receive the award at the AAS annual meeting in August
On the eve of his retirement from full-time teaching, we asked this iconic professor and researcher about the life experiences that taught him valuable lessons
<p>Caroline Jones of Madison, Georgia, is Georgia Tech through and through. Her parents met as undergrads at Georgia Tech, and her sister graduated four years ahead of her. Caroline's younger brother is also a current Georgia Tech student. Not only did Caroline don the white and gold as a cheerleader for Georgia Tech, but she's also now a rocket scientist -- having earned her degree in aerospace engineering.</p>
Caroline Jones of Madison, Georgia, followed in her mother's footsteps in becoming a Georgia Tech engineer.
<p>Aerospace engineer Loren Isakson has flying in his blood, but he chose Georgia Tech without even knowing that there was a Yellow Jacket Flying Club. Now, he's serving his last semester as president of the organization.</p>
Aerospace engineer Loren Isakson has flying in his blood.
The two-day program review for the AE lab turned the Weber Building into a high-octane innovation incubator
Nine graduates of Georgia Tech's Aerospace Engineering School reflect on what their next adventure will be.
The doctoral student is advised by Prof. Claudio Di Leo
Altogether, 12 teams from the Daniel Guggnenheim School of Aerospace Engineering competed in the annual design expo
Several AE students have been recognized for their scholarship, research, and commitment to the big picture
David B. Gomez and William W. Jun will have their doctoral research supported by the prestigious NASA fellowship
Working with students from Tuskegee and Clemson, students from ASDL get top honors