Prof. Joseph Oefelein Elected as Fellow of The Combustion Institute

Prof. Joseph Oefelein Elected as Fellow of The Combustion Institute
Joseph Oefelein
Prof. Joseph Oefelein

Feb. 21, 2020 - The Combustion Institute this (CI)  week announced that Daniel Guggenheim professor Joseph Oefelein  is one of 27 distinguished scientists to be elected to the 2020 class of CI Fellows.

In bestowing the honor, the Institute commended Oefelein for "pioneering research on large scale multiphysics simulations of supercritical fluid phenomena and combustion."

A faculty member in the AE School since 2017, Oefelein previously worked for 17 years as a distinguished member of technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories. Throughout his career Oefelein has been actively engaged in research on a broad range of topics in simulation and modeling of advanced propulsion, power, and related systems. His expertise is interdisciplinary, with focus on the theory and analysis of complex fluid flows where turbulence interacts with a multitude of strongly coupled fluid dynamic, thermodynamic, transport, chemical, multiphase, and/or heat transfer processes. He is an expert in the area of supercritical fluid phenomena and has extensive experience in the development and application of the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) technique, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and high-performance massively-parallel computing.

Combustion Institute Fellows are active participants in that Institute, publishing papers in CI affiliated journals, regularly attending the International Symposia on Combustion, and/or the various CI Section meetings.



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