Transferring Credit

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Transferring Credit to Your GT-AE Degree Program

If you enter with AP credits, transfer from another school, or study abroad, you will need to seek and receive formal approval before your credits can be applied. The following information will help you successfully complete this process.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Normally, AP credit is arranged through the Admissions Office when you are accepted to Georgia Tech. Any AP credit awarded at that time will be for specific Georgia Tech courses and will be noted on your transcript. You may use AP credit as you would any other similar course taken at Georgia Tech.Typically, AP credit is used to make up for prerequisite courses, allowing you to enroll in advanced courses at Tech more quickly. Find out more about AP Exams.

Any questions about your AP credit should be directed to the GT Registrar's Office.

Credit From Another School

When you apply for admission to Georgia Tech, any transfer credit is normally evaluated by the Registrar's Office. You will be notified of exactly which courses were accepted for transfer credit along with the corresponding Georgia Tech equivalents. This information will appear on your transcript.

If you want to apply for transfer credit for courses taken while you are enrolled at Georgia Tech (e.g. for summer school courses at another university), review the Registrar's transfer credit policy to guide you. Before enrolling, you should check with either the GT Registrar's Office or the department or school at Tech that would normally teach the equivalent course. The Registrar also has a Transfer Equivalency Catalog that lists transfer courses that are already approved and matched with the equivalent Georgia Tech courses. Check this listing first to know if a class you intend to take is already approved.