Transferring Credits

Transferring Credit to the MSAE Program

As a masters student, you are able to transfer up to 6 credit-hours of coursework completed at a another accredited institution. The courses you wish to transfer could not have been counted towards any previous degree. In order to initiate the process, you must communicate the following information to the AE graduate program manager:

1. Transcript from Previous Institution: Please submit a transcript from your previous institution that shows that the course(s) did not count towards a previous degree. The transcript can come in the form of an unofficial transcript.The Registrar’s office MUST also have the official transcript on file in order to fully process your request. Typically, the Registrar’s Office receives the transcript through the admission process.

2. Syllabus of Each Course : You must submit a syllabus of each course from the previous institution for assessment purposes.

3. Proof of Equivalency: You will need to get approval that the courses you wish to transfer have a GT equivalent. You can do this in two different ways:

(1) Use the transfer equivalency table to find your previous institution and see if there is already a conversion table for the courses in question, OR

(2) Find the Georgia Tech equivalent to the course you wish to transfer. Reach out to an instructor of the course to have him or her verify that the course is equivalent to one taught at Georgia Tech. Forward the instructor's email of approval to the AE graduate program manager. If you do not find a Georgia Tech equivalent, please reach out to the AE graduate program manager for further assistance.

Transferring Credit to the Aerospace Engineering Ph.D. Program

As a Ph.D student, you are eligible to transfer up to 30 credit-hours of coursework from a previous, accredited institution. Coursework that counted towards a previous degree is eligible for transfer. Please make an appointment with the AE graduate program manager to discuss the transfer process and get the necessary forms. You will also need to provide a copy of your transcript.

Once the process is complete, the courses will not show up in your DegreeWorks account. Instead, the transfer form will be held on file until you have completed all course requirements. Upon completing all course requirements, a note will be made in your account stating that you have completed course requirements. Any further questions should be directed to