Drawing upon faculty expertise and experience that are as deep as they are wide, the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering has established itself as a top-ranked aerospace engineering program. Astronauts, military leaders, and industry titans have begun their careers at AE. Tomorrow's leaders are just getting started.

The School's undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize fundamental theoretic, experimental, and research-based approaches to the full spectrum of aerospace engineering disciplines, giving graduates at all levels state-of-the-art skills, knowledge, and perspective on the fast-changing field of aerospace engineering.

The Undergrad Program

The undergraduate program at the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering is one of the largest and most rigorous in the nation. Our students develop a sophisticated grasp of aerospace engineering, its foundational concepts, and its applications in science, industry, and government. In addition to the BSAE degree, the School offers a minor in aerospace engineering for students majoring in other disciplines.

The Master's Program

More than 40 percent of AE undergrads earn a master's degree within 10 years of finishing their BSAE. Industry is increasingly demanding this. The Daniel Guggenheim School offers three options for earning an MSAE degree: the traditional MSAE program, the BS/MS Honors Program, and the Distance Learning Program. Many grad students enhance their experience with co-ops, internships, and study abroad experiences as well.

The Doctoral Program

The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering offers a doctor of philosophy degree with a major in aerospace engineering. The program offers a combination of unrivaled academic rigor and challenging research. All candidates must pass the AE qualifying exams, before embarking on their own uniquely defined research - a problem or set of problems that will be explored in their dissertation.