AE BuzzCard and Key Access

BuzzCard Access

If you are an AE student, your BuzzCard is your student ID and, more often than not, your mealplan card. It is also your access to AE buildings, which are locked after 5 p.m. Here is an overview of the BuzzCard access accorded to incoming and current students:

Entrance Location Undergraduate Graduate
Montgomery-Knight - Ferst Drive Entrance Yes (6 am-11pm) Yes
Montgomery-Knight  - Tech Parkway Entrance No Yes
Montgomery-Knight  - Computer Lab Yes (6 am-11 pm) Yes
Guggenheim - Cherry Street Entrance No Yes
Guggenheim - Courtyard Entrance No Yes
Weber SST II - All Entrances No Yes
Ben T. Zinn Combustion Lab No N

Need to access to another building?

To gain access, fill out a Buzz Card/Building Access Form and return it to the assistant director for administrative operations in MK 311. This form must be signed by a sponsoring faculty or staff member. It is valid for one semester only. Please allow at least a week for processing.

Note: If you get an error code when using your BuzzCard to access a building or classroom to which you believe you have permission to enter, please write down that error code and submit it, along with (1) your name, (2) your GTID #,  (3) your BuzzCard #,  and (4) your GT email address to the AE assistant director of administrative operations in Montgomery Knight 311. Every attempt will be made to resolve your problem before escalating it to the IT department.

Key Access

If you need to access an area that is not accessible with a BuzzCard - a lab, a classroom, or another restricted space  -  please complete the online AE Key Request Form (one form per key request) link that coresponds with each of the AE buildings. Completing this form will also initiate your BuzzCard access to required AE buildings.