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Drawing upon faculty expertise and experience that are as deep as they are wide, the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering has established itself as a top-ranked aerospace engineering program. Astronauts, military leaders, and industry titans have begun their careers at AE. Tomorrow's leaders are just getting started.

The School's undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize fundamental theoretic, experimental, and research-based approaches to the full spectrum of aerospace engineering disciplines, giving graduates at all levels state-of-the-art skills, knowledge, and perspective on the fast-changing field of aerospace engineering.

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Six academic disciplines serve as the bedrock of aerospace engineering coursework. 

Aerodynamics & Fluid Mechanics (AFM)

The AFM group focuses its research on the fluid flow around and within aircraft, rotorcraft, planetary entry vehicles, engines, and other complex systems.

Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics

The Aeroelasticity & Structural Design (ASD) group's research examines interactions among aerodynamics, structural mechanics, and dynamics, spanning the fields of fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft as well as spacecraft

Flight Mechanics & Controls

The FMC group explores a diverse range of topics with a variety of approaches, all surrounding dynamic behavior and automatic control of flight vehicles. 

Propulsion & Combustion

The Georgia Tech AE Propulsion and Combustion Group (P&C)  explores the complex systems that compose modern propulsion devices and energy systems

Structural Mechanics and Materials Behavior

This research group seeks to understand and predict the material and related structure behavior in environments and in applications that are unique to aerospace engineering. 

Systems Design & Optimization

The AE Systems Design and Optimization (SDO) group focuses on synthesis, analysis, and optimization of aeronautical and space vehicles as well as other complex systems 

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