From the AESAC Chair

We are living in incredibly dynamic, challenging and interesting times. Aerospace engineers are at the forefront of creating growth-infused technology that will improve standards of living, better humankind and introduce new environments for humankind to live, learn and play.

The discipline of aerospace engineering goes far beyond applications just for space and aviation.  The progress in our field extends into technological advancements throughout all facets of our everyday lives.  The history of the US space program and the resulting technological leaps that have provided a positive impact on all of our day to day lives is astounding and includes cell phone cameras, home insulation, baby formula, air purifiers, water filtration, shock absorbers for building, etc. The list is long and varied and is an example of the far reaching impact aerospace engineering has on improving our world. 

The emergence of all these technologies is also making the dream of mega cities ever closer to reality. Soon, high-speed aircraft will carry us between cities and countries with increased ease and flexibility.  Air mobility taxis and drones will quickly and safely deliver people and parcels within those cities and surrounding communities.  In the meantime, space discoveries are bringing us one step closer to people visiting and living on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.  

With the support of the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering leadership, faculty, and staff-our students are well poised to expand on these opportunities and more, positively impacting the human condition. I’m a proud graduate of this School and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve as chair of its board of advisors. The future is limitless, and I’m excited to see what Georgia Tech’s AE community creates.

I invite you to join us in this era of unprecedented growth and ingenuity,


Gary M. Weissel
Gary M Weissel
AESAC Chair, Managing Officer, Tronos Aviation Consulting, Inc.

Advisory Council

Angel Barboza
Vice President of Innovation and Future Programs, Gulfstream Aerospace
Ben Bellows
Senior Director, Mechanical Systems, Externals, and Nacelles Engineering
Tracy Bevington
SVP, Commercial Products and Services, Boom Supersonic
Robert David Braun
Head, Space Exploration, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
John W Elbon III
Chief Operating Officer, United Launch Alliance
Eric Gebhardt
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Wabtec Corporation
Lara O'Connor Hodgson
President and CEO, NOW Corporation
Amy Hudnall
Director, Center of Innovation for Aerospace, Georgia Department of Economic Development
Cynthia Kirby
B717 Fleet Projects Manager at Delta Air Lines
Nick Lappos
Retired, Former Senior Technical Fellow, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Andrew Lewis
CEO, Decision IQ
Sandra "Sandy" Magnus
Professor of the Practice
Anne Patterson
Founder & CEO Women's Telehealth
Dierk M Reuter
Retired, Former Founding Director, Lucid Markets Ltd.
Alton Romig Jr.
Executive Officer, The National Academy of Engineering
Larry Schneider
Former Vice President/Chief Program Engineer NMA Program, Boeing Company
Robert Stoker
Senior Manager for Noise, Vibration and Emissions, The Boeing Company
Clayton Tino
Chief Technology Officer, Beep, Inc.
Gary M Weissel
AESAC Chair, Managing Officer, Tronos Aviation Consulting, Inc.
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