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All AE doctoral students must complete 42 credit-hours of standard coursework and research (outlined in the PhD curriculum) to graduate. The AE Graduate Handbook includes a more complete description of PhDAE degree requirements.

The PhD in Computational Science and Engineering

The CSE program is an interdisciplinary program offered by the colleges of Computing, Engineering, and Sciences. Students develop knowledge, skills, and practices associated with the study of computer-based models of natural phenomena and engineered systems. Students will be required to obtain a breadth of knowledge across a set of core areas in the CSE discipline, depth of knowledge in a specific computational specialization (e.g., numerical computing), and knowledge to apply computational techniques in a domain of application.

The PhD in Robotics

Offered jointly by the College of Computing and the College of Engineering, Georgia Tech's Ph.D. Program in Robotics is the first interdisciplinary robotics degree of its kind.

The PhD in Machine Learning

The machine learning (ML) Ph.D. program is a collaborative venture between Georgia Tech's colleges of Computing, Engineering, and Sciences. Approximately 25 students enter the program each year through eight different academic units. 

The PhD in Bioengineering

The Ph.D. Program in Bioengineering Georgia Tech offers a number of different opportunities for students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in a bioengineering-related topic. All options involve coursework and an independent research thesis.

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