The Aerospace Engineering Curriculum

A professor lecturing to a group of 7 students about control systems.

Prepare Yourself to be Challenged

Whether you are considering a bachelor's, master's, or a doctoral degree, your experience at the Daniel Guggenheim School will be framed by a curriculum that challenges you. Our students learn to design, build, analyze, and improve systems for commercial and military aircraft and helicopters, satellites, unmanned vehicles, and space exploration. They collaborate with students and faculty from other engineering disciplines to make systems that are cheaper, quieter, faster, lighter, and environmentally friendly. They work directly with industry researchers, pushing the field forward.

Our curriculum will introduce you to the entire spectrum of aerospace disciplines, including: aerodynamics & fluid mechanics, aeroelasticity & structural dynamics; flight mechanics & controls; propulsion & combustion; structural mechanics & materials and system design & optimization. And when you are done studying for the day, you will have plenty of opportunities to put your knowledge to the test, in multiple academic and industry-sponsored design-build-fly competitions.