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All masters and doctoral students must indicate their intent to graduate from Georgia Tech the term prior to their graduation. If you have previously applied but did not graduate, you must repeat the same process, described below, in order to graduate.

Two More Steps

There are just two (2) steps that all MS and PhD candidates must complete in order to graduate:

  1. Pick up a graduation packet from the AE Academic Advising Office. This contains complete instructions, and all forms for student information and program of study. You can also download this packet from the AE Useful Forms page. 

  2. Complete an Online Application for Graduation (OAG)

The successful completion of those two steps will require you to:

Verify the deadline for the Online Application for Graduation (OAG)

  • The specific OAG deadlines for any given semester can be found on the Registrar's Calendar.

  • The OAG is due the semester before you plan to graduate. (eg. if you plan to graduate in Spring 2017, your OAG is due in Fall 2016.) 

  • A different OAG is due for every semester that you apply to graduate. If you do not graduate when planned, you must fill out another OAG. 

  • If you are a Summer degree candidate, but you wish to participate in Spring commencement, please note the earlier deadline for the OAG and the additional form required. 

Verify the submission deadline for the graduation packet & program of study

The graduation packet is due in the Academic Advising Office one week after the close of Phase I Registration for the semester in which you wish to graduate.

Verify your program of study.

  • All graduate students (MS and PhD) must submit a program of study. This form should include only those courses that will count towards the MSAE degree;

  • You and your advisor should both review the program of study and sign it. Return the signed form - along with the rest of the forms in your graduation packet -- to the AE Academic Advising Office . 

  • If you have made any changes to your program of study, you must email a list of those changes to the AE Academic Advising Office

Request to Graduate using the OAG

  • Go to Buzzport

  • Select Registration - OSCAR;

  • Select Student Services & Financial Aid, followed by Student Records, and, then, Apply to Graduate;

  • If you are asked to Select the Current Term, then select the current semester in the drop down box. Press Continue;

  • You will now be on the Curriculum Selection screen. If your curriculum is not correct, stop immediately and contact Degree Certification (404.894.4150);

  • Select the radio button for the program from which you are graduating. Press Continue;
    NOTE: Students who have two majors can only select one major at a time. You will need to complete this entire process for both majors;

  • On the next screen, select the graduation term (Spring, Fall, Summer) in the dropdown box. Press Continue;

  • On the Diploma Name Selection screen, select if you will be using your current name or a different name to appear on your diploma. Press Continue;
    NOTE: The Registrar's office will review all requests to change names on diplomas;

  • The next screen will ask you to confirm your name. Press Continue;

  • On the Diploma Mailing Address Selection screen, select the address to which you want us to send your diploma. Press Continue.
    NOTE: Diplomas are mailed approximately eight (8) weeks after graduation, so plan accordingly;

  • On the Graduation Application Summary screen, review all of your information carefully. When you are okay with the information on the screen click Submit Request;

  • On the next screen, click on the link at the bottom of the page. This will redirect you to Georgia Tech's Exit Survey. Fill out the survey. 

Verify that your OAG was Correctly Submitted.

  • Go to Buzzport 

  • Select Registration - OSCAR. 

  • Select Student Services & Financial Aid, then Student Records, and, then, View Application to Graduate;

  • If it asks you to select a semester, please select the semester in which you are planning to graduate;

  • If you correctly submitted the OAG you will see it on that screen. If it says "No active graduation application exists" then your OAG  was not submitted. 

Monitor Your Graduation Status on OSCAR

The Degree Certification office will conduct two (2) audits of your application. Below is a breakdown of the timing of the audits: 

  • First Audit  This audit begins 1-2 weeks after Phase II closes and is completed around mid-semester. If, after this audit, there are deficiencies that cannot be resolved with final grades (such as low GPApending transfer credit and registrar administrative deficiency), then you will be inactivated as a degree candidate. You will then be required to apply for graduation for the next semester. 

  • Second (Final) Audit  The final audit occurs on the Tuesday following Commencement, after all semester grades are available. 

  • Inactivation Date  The inactivation date is when all students who have not cleared up their deficiencies, excluding the ones listed above, will be automatically changed to "inactive" status. This occurs approximately one month before Commencement. 

  • To view your graduation status, login to DegreeWorks. Near the top of your audit, under a section titled Student View, you will see a field for Graduation Information. The text that appears in that field is your current graduation application status. 


MSAE Candidates

If you are coded as a PhD student, but you are currently applying for your master's degree graduation, you will need to declare the MS program as a secondary major using the Graduate Level Change Form. If you fail to do this, you will not have access to your MS Online Application to Graduate (OAG) form.


Summer Degree Candidates

Summer degree candidates are invited to participate in the Fall semester commencement ceremony, usually scheduled in December. All summer graduates wishing to participate in the Fall ceremony must submit an RSVP during Fall semester to receive guest tickets and participate in the ceremony. 

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