David B Locascio

M.S.A.E. 2016

What is your next adventure? I will be working for RR Aviation in Indianapolis, Indiana as a product definition engineering the production design team. We'll be doing dimension and tolerance testing.

What are you most looking forward to in your next adventure? I've been moving around a lot -  I'm from Washington state and I did my undergrad work at Tulane - so now I'm looking forward to settling down. Not moving. I've learned a lot, so now I've arrived at the workforce, where I'll be part of a really big company with lots of possibilities. This is why I've worked so hard.

Do you have any previous co-op, internship, or research experience in this area? At Tech I did research with the Army Research Lab, where we designed and 3D-printed drones. I also worked on a NASA drone delivery project, where we worked in simulated environments to explore different capabilities.

What about your educational experience at GT-AE helped you to achieve your goals?Georgia Tech provided me with a number of options to work on different research programs. I had the opportunity to do 3D printing, laser cutting...And there are so many connections between the School of Aerospace and industry. Every place has Tech grads working there already or they want to hire one. It really makes you feel like you are a part of this prestigious group.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to follow in your path? I would definitely say you should be prepared to juggle a lot. It's not just classwork. It's meetings. It's projects. Group presentations to people who don't know you or your work. You need to quickly learn how to translate what you are doing so that you can explain it to others. Because you will be explaining it.