Manon Huguenin

M.S.A.E. 2018

What is your next adventure?

I am going to continue my studies as a doctoral student in ASDL focusing on data fusion and machine learning.

What about your next adventure are you most looking forward to?

I'm most excited about applying everything I've learned during my master's program. My master's thesis, "Development and Validation of 3D Cloud Fields Using Machine Learning Techniques" was a beginning. I'm looking forward to working on new problems.

Did you have any previous co-op, internship, or research experience in this area?

At Tech, I worked on a project with the FAA where we were trying to model future supersonic aircraft. It was exciting because we were trying to get back a whole new  field of flight. Our challenge was to outline the limitations of their current models. To do that we had to research the consequences in terms of noise and air pollution.

I've also done some research with Airbus, focusing on creating a digital twin of an actual aircraft.

How did your educational experience at Georgia Tech help you to achieve your goals?

In France, we're not encouraged to do a Ph.D. unless we want to teach. What I like in the U.S. is that the concept of research is more linked to industry, so a Ph.D. makes sense. And at ASDL, we are expected to be able to discuss our research directly with the client. The research engineer is responsible, overall, but it's the up to you to make people aware of what your research produced. That's an amazing thing to come out of graduate school with.

What advice would you give to an underclassman who would like to follow the same path?

I guess it's really important to be open to what people say about your work. You've already gotten a diploma but you have to put it all out there in your work, and accept that people can challenge it. Accept criticism from your mentors. They are not doing it for free. They are doing it to help you learn.