Sangyup Lee

Post-doctoral Fellow
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Sangyup Lee received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2017 after earning his BS and MS in mechanical engineering from Seoul National University. He is currently pursuing postdoctoral research in Georgia Institution of Technology through UI, UT. His research interests focus on system dynamics and material modeling of nonlinear multi-scale, multi-physics, multi-phase problems. He has developed the multiscale integration algorithm by Nonholonomic Hamiltonian methods. His current research includes the development of reactive burn models, multiscale methodology of reacting shock physics, multi-phase detonation/deflagration problems for solid propellant rocket motor, and uncertainty quantification of energetic materials.  



  • Propulsion & Combustion

  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University

  • MS Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University

  • PhD Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin