Shawn Wehe

Principal Research Engineer
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NARA Combustion Lab
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Rm 110

Dr. Wehe began his career in 1990 working at Calspan Corporation in Buffalo NY after earning his M.S. degree from SUNY Buffalo.  Here he worked in the area of high-speed aerodynamics and propulsion as a test engineer.  That first professional experience dovetailed well with his subsequent doctorial research at Stanford’s High Temperature Gas Dynamics Laboratory where he concentrated on PLIF and TDLAS instrumentation development for just those high-enthalpy flow fields. After completing his Ph.D. in 2000 he continued to develop instrumentation and signal processing techniques at Physical Sciences Inc., Raytheon’s Missile Defense Center and the General Electric Research Center cumulating in a 20+ year career in corporate research.  In 2019 he transitioned to an academic role as a visiting professor at Union College’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.  Most recently he joined the Ben T. Zinn Combustion Lab as a member of the Department of Aerospace Engineering.