Friday, July 12, 2024 11:00AM

Ph.D. Proposal



Huaidong Yao

(Advisor: Prof. Wenting Sun)


"Investigation of Hydrogen and Ammonia Auto-ignition in A Shock Tube Through Optical Imagings"


Friday, July 12

11:00 a.m.

BTZ Combustion Lab-107 Conference Room



"This thesis investigates the auto-ignition phenomena of both hydrogen and ammonia mixtures in a shock tube using optical imaging techniques. Previous studies have highlighted discrepancies between theoretical simulations and experimental results for hydrogen ignition delay times (IDTs) in shock tubes, attributing these discrepancies to factors such as inhomogeneous ignition, hot spots ignition, and facility impurities. Traditional shock tube pressure and laser absorption measurements alone have been insufficient to address these issues due to limited visibility inside the shock tube. This research aims to overcome these limitations by implementing both sidewall and endwall optical imaging diagnostics on the Georgia Tech High-pressure Shock Tube. By utilizing these imaging techniques, the study seeks to validate IDTs measurements against established kinetic models and identify inhomogeneous ignition using endwall images and axial ignition locations using sidewall windows. The experimental setup involves the use of high-speed cameras and OH* emission imaging systems to capture detailed visual data of the ignition process. The results from this study are expected to enhance the understanding of combustion dynamics and improve the predictive capabilities of kinetic models for hydrogen and ammonia ignition.”


· Prof. Wenting Sun – School of Aerospace Engineering (advisor)

· Prof. Adam Steinberg – School of Aerospace Engineering

· Prof. Ellen Yi Chen Mazumdar – School of Mechanical Engineering