New support for research and for developing new collaborations
Pratt & Whitney Professor Julian Rimoli of the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech
Dr. Julian J. Rimoli
Pratt  & Whitney Professor

The outstanding career contributions of Daniel Guggenheim Aerospace Engineering faculty member Julian J. Rimoli were recognized this week with his appointment to the Pratt & Whitney Professorship.

In his announcement, William R. T. Oakes Professor and School Chair Mark F. Costello praised Rimoli, who heads up the Computational Solid Mechanics Lab, for his scholarship contributions reflected by his longtime commitment to students, research, and service.

"We're delighted to be able honor Julian in this way," said Costello. "And we look forward to the prestige and resources afforded by this appointment expanding his research and education impact of our school."

Rimoli wholeheartedly agreed with Costello's observation.

"This professorship will allow me to take more risk in my research, seed funding promising new directions. This will help advance my work, but also, the work of our discipline," he said, noting that the previously awarded Goizueta Junior Faculty Professorship helped him to launch tensegrity research earlier in his career.

"It will also allow me to serve as a link between the AE research community and Pratt & Whitney, so we can work on new collaborations and deepen our research portfolio."

A member of the Daniel Guggenheim faculty since 2011, Rimoli has pursued research within the broad field of computational solid mechanics with particular focus on aerospace applications. His work has reflected a special interest in problems involving multiple length and time scales, and in the development of theories and computational techniques for seamlessly bridging those scales. He is an Associate Fellow of AIAA, a member ASME and USACM, and is the recipient of the NSF CAREER Award, the Donald W. Douglas Prize Fellowship, the Ernest E. Sechler Memorial Award in Aeronautics, the James Clerk Maxwell Young Writers Prize, the Lockheed Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the Goizueta Junior Faculty Professorship.