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The AE curriculum allows you to customize your academic program with AE Options courses that best round out your particular interests. You will also choose one math class from the Math Options course list. The follow is a list of all Options classes, to what's being taught in particular semester refer to the box on the right.

AE Options Courses

Options courses are 4000-level elective AE courses that can be used to satisfy the six (6) credit-hour requirement in the AE Options area. In addition, senior students with a GPA of 3.25 or greater and the instructor's approval can use one (1) 6000-level AE lecture course to satisfy the AE Options requirements.  Up to an additional two (2) 6000-level AE lecture courses can be taken toward the Fallthrough Courses section on your DegreeWorks, in preparation for BSMS completion (please meet with Academic Advisor for clarification).

  • AE 4040:  Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • AE 4071: Rotorcraft Aeromechanics
  • AE 4080: Aerothermodynamics
  • AE 4132: Finite Element Analysis
  • AE 4220Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity
  • AE 4361: Space Flight Operations
  • AE 4376Accident Causation and System Safety
  • AE 4552: Humans and Autonomy
  • AE 4580: Introduction to Avionics Integration 
  • AE/ME 4701: Wind Engineering
  • AE 4760: Acoustics and Noise Control
  • AE/ME 4793: Composite Materials and Processes
  • AE/ME 4791: Mechanical Behavior of Composites

The following Options courses are not yet in the catalog but will be offered as Special Topics courses:

Math Options Courses

The AE undergraduate curriculum includes five (5) required mathematics courses, and a sixth course that must be chosen from the following list.

Please note that the courses below link to another site that will be updated soon. Please notify the communications office if you have any problems.

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