Previous Distance Learning MSAE Courses

Fall  Semester

4791    Mech Behavior-Composites   
6009    Viscous Fluid Flow  
6343    Fixed-Wing Aircraft Design I       
6353    Orbital Mechanics   
6372    Aerospace Systems Engineering         
6373    Advanced Design Methods I  
6451    Electric Propulsion
6765    Kinetics &Thermodynamics of Gases     
6761    Acoustics II  
7772    Fundamental of Fracture Mechanics  
6030    Unsteady Aerodynamics
6070    Rotary Wing Aerodynamics
6701    Wind Engineering

Spring Semester

6012    Turbulent Flows
6042    Computational Fluid Dynamics
6310    Optimization for the Design of Engineered Systems
6342    Fixed-Wing Aircraft Design II
6361    Air Breathing Propulsion System Design I
6520    Advanced Flight Dynamics
6760    Acoustics I
6766    Combustion
7774    Fatigue of Materials & Structures

Summer Semester

6050    Gas Dynamics

Distance Learning Classes Taught by Request or Petition

The courses listed below have been incorporated into previous DLP master's degrees but are not routinely taught. Distance Learning students interested in taking these - or any other Aerospace Engineering class - should petition the associate chair of Graduate Studies to have their preferred course considered for inclusion in an upcoming list of Distance Learning courses. If there is sufficient interest, the School will arrange for the class to be taught.

6104    Computational Mechanics
6220    Rotorcraft Struc Dyn & Aeroelasticity
6332    Spacecraft Launch & Vehicle Des
6333    Rotorcraft Design I
6354    Advanced Orbital Mechanics
6355    Planetary Entry and Descent
6362    Safety by Design
6410    Combustion Dynamics
6412    Turbulent Combustion
6445    Combustor Fundamentals
6450    Rocket Propulsion
6503    Helicopter Stability & Control
6505    Random Processes and Kalman Filtering
6511    Optimal Guidance & Control
6779    Dynamic System Modeling