School of Aerospace Engineering Student Advisory Council (SAESAC)

School of Aerospace Engineering Student Advisory Council (SAESAC)

JOIN US! SAESAC will be accepting applications for new members in Spring 2021.

What is the School of Aerospace Engineering Student Advisory Council (SAESAC)?

SAESAC is a group of Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering School students who are dedicated to bridging gaps between students and the AE administration by providing an open and safe means of expressing opinions and suggesting changes for the AE School's future operation.
SAESAC members cooperate with and assist the AE School community in bringing these ideas to fruition. SAESAC also serves as a means for the faculty to communicate with, and use the resources of, the student body.

Upcoming Events

AE Town Halls (virtual) | Spring 2022 dates coming soon!

The AE town halls seek to give the administration insight into the thoughts of the AE student body by providing an open and safe space for sharing opinions. SAESAC holds 3 town halls a semester: one for undergraduate students, one for graduate students, and one for international students. These open dialogues allow SAESAC to collect information and bring actionable steps to AE faculty and administration.


AE Student Body Date & Time
Graduate Students Spring 2022, TBA
Undergraduate Students Spring 2022, TBA
International Students Spring 2022, TBA


State of the AE School (virtual) | Spring 2022 TBA 

SAESAC has historically organized the State of the AE School event once every semester to allow the AE School chair (currently Dr. Mark Costello) to describe the School's progress on various initiatives and to discuss the School's plans for the future.


For Students, By Students Series (virtual) | Have a topic or subject you'd like covered? Submit your ideas to SAESAC

Student-led, student-focused lectures on "bite-size" topics. SAESAC will feature one student presenter a month to do a quick lecture on a small tool, topic, or theory. 


International Student Speaker Series (virtual) | Feb 20


Once a month international students and professionals from all over the world will share their journey and advice with current international students. This is your chance to gain support and insight in your journey at Georgia Tech. 

Virtual AE Expo | Spring 2021 TBA

A one-stop informative session for first-year and second-year students, showcasing the many research labs, project teams, and aerospace-focused student organizations around campus. Representatives from these groups will share current projects, open positions and membership, and answer any questions that students may have.

Virtual AE Expo - Recording 2020




Meet the 2020 - 2021 SAESAC Officers


Kira Vedyanina

Jacqueline Tu, President (Undergraduate)

Kira Vedyanina, Treasurer (Undergraduate)

Cayetana Salinas      (Undergraduate)

Harshini Sivakumar Rikhi Roy Mohamed Nassif
Harshini Sivakumar, President
Rukmini Roy, Secretary
(Graduate - Master's)
Mohamed Nassif
(Graduate - Ph.D.)
Vinodhini Comandur Venkata Ramana Makkapati
Vinodhini Comandur
(Graduate - Ph.D.)
Venkata Ramana Makkapati
(Graduate - Ph.D.)
Omar W. Abed
Carson Coursey
Sidney Winfield
Sajni Saravanan          (Undergraduate) Carson Coursey 
              Landon Jarrel                (Undergraduate)

       Sabina Maranto