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Georgia Tech AE Doctoral Research: Contributing to the Discipline

All of AE's research is organized loosely around eight research areas. Ph.D. students focus their work within one of these areas, but are encouraged to collaborate with other disciplines (and schools) to produce their doctoral dissertation. The core of the doctoral degree is a body of unique and meaningful research, representing an original and effective approach to an identified problem(s).

  • Students will pursue a program of research that supports the general focus of their supervising faculty;
  • Students who have a Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) may complete all or most of their graduate-level research as a part of their GRA;
  • Students who have a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) are responsible for completing the required research in addition to their GTA duties;
  • Students may work directly with research sponsors from industry, government, and other Georgia Tech schools;
  • Students can expect to contribute to any number of refereed publications and to present their work before national and international professional organizations;
  • Students may also play a mentoring/supervising role with undergraduate researchers in their lab.
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