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All MS students in the AE School pursue either a Non-Thesis or a Thesis degree, both of which require the completion of 33 credit-hours of coursework and research.

The chart and explanations, below, summarize the overall distribution of credit-hours that all MSAE students must follow.

MS Credit-hour Requirements MS without Thesis
(33 cr. hr. total)
MS with Thesis
(33 cr. hr. total)
AE Graduate Seminar AE 8002* AE8002*
Formal Courses
(not including thesis, research AE 8900)
30 24
  • GT AE Class (minimum)
12 9
  • Math (minimum)
6 6
  • Non-technical (maximum)
6 3
  • 6000-level or above (minimum)
21 15
Research Coursework 3
(AE 8900)
(AE 7000)


The AE School does not require its grad students take specific classes. Graduate students are expected work with their advisors to map out a rigorous and individualized educational program that includes research in one or more of the eight multidisciplinary research disciplines and meets the following requirements:

  • AE8002 (1 credit-hour. P/F) is required during your first year in residence in the graduate program at Georgia Tech but it does not count toward the 33 credit-hours needed for your degree. This requirement is waived for Distance Learning students and all students who started the program before the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Completion of at least six (6) credit-hours of mathematics; No more than nine (9) credit-hours may come from the Senior Undergraduate (4000) course level;
  • Transfer students may bring no more than six (6) credit-hours from an accredited school in US or Canada. All transfer credit award decisions will be made by the Graduate  Curriculum Committee.
  • Graduate-level courses may be chosen from the current Georgia Tech course catalog, as well as from the appropriate Special Topics courses listed on the Registration page.

The preceding is a brief summary of the requirements and is not meant to cover all aspects of the curriculum. Students should visit the AE Graduate Handbook for a complete description of the requirements for the MSAE degree.


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