Mentee Spotlight - Anika Chawla

Anika Chawla

What led you to meet with a mentor in the MIR program? 

As a freshman, things can be overwhelming. I know my end goal, but I wanted to meet with someone to discuss the pathway to get there. I also wanted to learn more about private vs public sector.  


What were some of your key takeaways from the mentoring meeting? 

Gained more confidence in self and the AE program 

Georgia Tech has many resources and is here to help 

Pursue what you are interested in and learn as much as possible 


Would you recommend other students meet with a mentor? Why? 

Yes, mentors are a great resource to have and can offer a lot of career insight.  


Fun Facts about Anika 

  • Allergic to yellow jackets 

  • Loves space & astronomy 

  • Hometown: Johns Creek, GA 


Sandra "Sandy" Magnus
Professor of the Practice