Mentee Spotlight - Dunsin Awodele

Dunsin Awodele

What led you to meet with a mentor in the MIR program? 

I met with Mentor Chris because I aspire to be an executive like him one day. I wanted to understand how he got to where he is and learn about his decision-making process.  

I met with Mentor Josh to gain perspective from a recent graduate and to discuss his fellowship experience.  


What were some of your key takeaways from the mentoring meeting? 

Ask yourself why. Why do you want to do what you want to do? Go to AE conferences 


Would you recommend other students meet with a mentor? Why? 

Yes, there is no reason to struggle through something that someone else has already experienced. 


Fun Facts about Dunsin 

  • Hometown: Dacula, GA   

  • Member of Air Force ROTC  

  • Favorite movie is The Dark Knight 


Josh Ingersoll
Satellite Regulatory Engineer, Amazon