Mentee Spotlight - Jennifer Nolan

Jennifer Nolan

What led you to meet with a mentor in the MIR program?

I received a job offer for an internship in a different state and wanted to meet with someone to discuss the merits of taking the offer.


What were some of your key takeaways from the mentoring meeting?

Mentor Katie completed 5 internships while in school & shared the benefits of having a diversified internship experience. She also gave some good perspective on moving to another state. Overall, I felt like the meeting validated what I was thinking.


Would you recommend other students meet with a mentor? Why?

100% recommend it! I reached out to discuss an internship offer and we ended up talking about graduate programs too. It’s also really helpful to get perspective from someone in private industry as most of us will likely work in private.


Fun Facts about Jennifer

  • She’s a rock-climbing instructor
  • She’s pursuing a Russian minor at GT & has been taking Russian classes since freshman year
  • Her mom is a GT alum


Katie Blake
Systems Development Engineer, Moog