Undergraduate Research

Students working on the clean bench in Prof. Gunter's lab

More than 84% of Our Undergraduates Get Involved in Research

Every semester, dozens of undergraduates from the Daniel Guggenheim School register to earn credit for research assistant jobs that take place right on campus. Here's an overview of how you can, too:

  • Find out about the eight multidisciplinary research areas that comprise the AE research program.
  • Familiarize yourself with the research projects that AE faculty are involved in. Skim their AE profiles and visit their lab websites.
  • Talk to your academic advisor about how research might enhance your program.
  • Reach out: contact the faculty member whose work interests you. Find out what sort of skills Dr. Brian Gunter and a student holdin g a prototype of the RANGE satellitethey are recruiting for their research projects. Discuss the scope of any proposed research and determine the number of credit-hours you will earn upon successful completion.

Once you have both agreed on a project, the faculty will fill out paperwork granting you a permit to register for AE 2699 or AE 4699. You will also need to submit a research permit.

Credit. The credit-hours you earn may be used to meet the requirements for AE's free elective hours as well as the research requirements of the AE Honors program and the BSAE Research Option program.

Pay. For qualified students, paid undergraduate research opportunities are often available. Those students register for AE 2698 or AE 4698 and, upon completion, receive an audit grade. Audit hours do not count towards the 132 credit-hours needed for an AE degree; however, AE 2698 and AE 2698 may be used to meet the research requirements of the AE Honors and the BSAE Research Option programs.

Find out more about undergraduate research permits