Prospective Doctoral Students

A professor and 2 students smiling at the doctoral graduation ceremony.

adam steinberg
Prof. Adam Steinberg
Associate Chair

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The AE School considers your academic background as well as your professional pursuits and interests outside the classroom. We look for students who enjoy being challenged and who are committed to furthering the Institute’s mission of “improving the human condition.”

The National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) has identified the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering as the #1 producer of aerospace master's and doctoral graduates in the country. For more than a dozen years, US News & World Report has ranked our graduate programs in the top 5 nationally. We are proud of these statistics, but we are not defined by them.

Our proudest achievements are our students, of which our doctoral graduates are the most accomplished.

The AE doctoral degree is the most rigorous program offered by the School. In addition to completing 42 credit-hours of coursework beyond the bachelor's degree, you will be expected to develop and execute a unique research program that will enable you to produce a doctoral dissertation. You will work closely with some of the brightest minds in the field. In return, you will be expected to pass a demanding qualifying exam during your second year in residence, present a well-designed thesis proposal, and successfully defend your research findings. A GPA of 3.25 is required to graduate with a PhD degree.

Graduates of the AE doctoral program have joined the teaching and research faculty of myriad institutions of higher education across the globe. They also conduct high-level research for industry, government, and military operations, often based on the track record they amassed as a doctoral student at AE.

For more information on demographics, admissions, and time-to-degree for doctoral students in our program, go to Doctoral Student Statistics. Enter the search criteria for Aerospace Engineering.

Application Fee Waivers Available Beginning September 15, 2022

To promote more diversity within the applicant pool, the AE School will waive a limited number of application fees for applicants who are members of underrepresented groups. To be considered for the next cohort of application waivers, please send a copy of your resume or transcript to Mrs. Tasha Koon between September 15 and December 1, 2022. In the message, please let us know the aspect of your identity that is underrepresented (such as your racial/ethnic group). The request for a waiver will not affect admissions decisions.

No GRE Requirement for Spring & Fall 2023 Applicants
The AE School will not require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) as part of the Spring 2023, Summer 2023, and Fall 2023 admissions process for our MS and Ph.D. programs.
Application Deadlines

To ensure full consideration for research assistantships, please submit your application package by the deadlines listed below. The deadline for the School to receive supplemental materials, (i.e. recommendation letters, and language proficiency requirement or test scores) is four weeks after the deadline of each term. Note that referees will not receive a request to submit their letters until the application has been submitted by the student.

Fall: To ensure full consideration for a research assistantship: Dec. 1st 

All other Applications: April 1st 

Spring: All Applications: Oct. 1st 

Summer: All Applications: March 1st 

Deferral Deadline - Fall 2022
The last day to defer enrollment for Fall 2022 is August 1, 2022. You can defer your application for up to one academic year. Please send your request to the AE Graduate Info mailbox if you need to defer.