The Aerospace Engineering School Advisory Council (AESAC)

From the AESAC Chair

As an alumnus of the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering, I take great pride in the innovation that is the hallmark of this institution. It has created great opportunities for me in my career. As the chair of the School’s Advisory Council, I am committed to building upon that legacy for the next generation of aerospace engineers.

The rigor of our program today will be the foundation of tomorrow’s leaders.

My colleagues on the Advisory Council share that commitment and something more: we are all constantly scanning our horizons - in business, government, academia, and beyond - to find the next big challenge -- real-world engineering problems worthy of the talent that AE students bring to their endeavors.

I invite you to support our quest,

John E. Laughter,
BSAE ‘93 & AESAC Chair
Delta Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer 


Industry, military, academic, and government leaders are recruited to serve on the AESAC. Members meet once a year to discuss the School's progress and define its goals for the coming year. The following are the 2020 members of AESAC:

Ben Bellows
AE '06
Senior Director, Mechanical Systems, Externals, and Nacelles Engineering
Pratt & Whitney
Ron Bessire
Vice President, Engineering and Technical Operations
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Robert Braun
Director of Solar System Exploration
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Robert A. Cowart
AE '90, '91
Formerly, Director of Supersonic Technology Development, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Marcus J. Dash
AE '66, '68
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
John W. Elbon III
AE '82
Chief Operating Officer
United Launch Alliance
Philip A. Fawcett
AE '89, '90, '92
General Manager, Electronic Programs Division
The Aerospace Corporation
Eric Gebhardt
AE '90
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Wabtec Corporation
Amy Hudnall
Director, Center of Innovation for Aerospace
Georgia Department of Economic Development
Ram Janakiram
AE '76
Manager, Flight Technology
The Boeing Company
Nick Lappos
AE '73
Formerly, Senior Technical Fellow, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
John E. Laughter (Chair)
AE '93
Senior Vice President, Flight Operations
Delta Air Lines
Andrew Lewis
AE '76
Decision IQ
Colin Miller
Senior Vice President, Innovation, Engineering & Flight
Lara Hodgson O'Connor
AE '93
President and CEO
NOW Corporation
Anne Patterson
AE ’71, ‘75
Women’s Telehealth
Dierk M. Reuter
AE '87
Founding Director
Lucid Markets Ltd. (retired)
Alton Romig Jr.
Executive Officer
The National Academy of Engineering
Larry Schneider
AE '85
Formerly, Vice President/Chief Program Engineer NMA Program, Boeing Company
Christopher E. Singer
Formerly, Agency Deputy Chief Engineer, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Rafael Spears
Director of Commercial Systems
The Aerospace Corporation
Robert Stoker
AE '89, '90, '96
Senior Manager for Noise, Vibration and Emissions
The Boeing Company
Clayton P. Tino
AE ’07, ’12, ‘13
Chief Technology Officer
Gary W. Weissel
AE '93
Managing Officer
Tronosjet Aviation Consulting, Inc.