AE Mentors-In-Residence Student Spotlight


The School of Aerospace Engineering launched the Mentors-In-Residence (MIR) Program to support student development by making a diverse set of mentors available to AE students.

Taylor Hampson

As a second year, I am still figuring out my life. The MIR program seemed like a great opportunity to obtain quality advice from experts in fields I am interested in...

Andre Magyar

I wanted to know how to go from college to a career.  I’d also been struggling academically, had failed 2 semesters, and wanted to get some perspective on the next steps.  

Anika Chawla

As a freshman, things can be overwhelming. I know my end goal, but I wanted to meet with someone to discuss the pathway to get there. I also wanted to learn more about private vs public sector.  

Dunsin Awodele

I met with Mentor Chris because I aspire to be an executive like him one day. I wanted to understand how he got to where he is and learn about his decision-making process.  

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Jennifer Nolan

I received a job offer for an internship in a different state and wanted to meet with someone to discuss the merits of taking the offer.

Joseph Gelin

I was doing research for graduate school and started to feel overwhelmed. I wanted some assistance, so I scheduled a mentoring appointment with Mentor Dr. Mitchell Walker to learn more about the process.  

Become a Mentee

If you are looking for career advice, industry insights or wanting to build your network, sign up to meet with a mentor today!


  • Meetings are 30 minutes, and most meetings take place virtually via BlueJeans
  • Meet with one or more mentors over the course of a semester
  • Use the mentor directory to find a mentor based on expertise area


If you have questions about the Mentors-In-Residence Program, please contact: 

Lydia Pendleton
Corporate Relations Manager